Welcome to our monthly pattern program!

For only €10 you will receive a new pattern on the 15th of each month. Along with the pattern you will also receive a unique commentary video, which is only available for our  pattern subscribers.

If you are new to our program you will to receive the corresponding pattern to the month that you subscribe. 

Via Tipeee you can easily subscribe for as long as you wish (as unique tipper or monthly subscriber) and you will be able to opt out at any time.

Tipeee is also a fantastic crowdfunding platform, where you can support our work with a unique tip or monthly contribution. We started a Tipeee page as a way to combine our pattern program and to raise funds to be able to get better camera and video gears to produce more and better quality content. We are for example planning to launch stitching webinars in the spring 2018. Your support will also enable us to expand in our own creations to be able to reach the larger art scene and to host exhibitions.

A big THANK YOU for reading and being part of our journey!

We are excited to see you try out one of our pattern and to continue to share the progress of Le Kadre.