How to manage an overflow of thoughts at night?

How to manage an overflow of thoughts at night?

It can be hard to manage an overflow of thoughts at night when you have a creative mind. Many artists spend half the night working on their creations. They start to feel alive and creative as soon as the small hours approaches. But to stay up all night is not always compatible with the rest of your everyday life. Personally I am not an evening person. However if the mind starts throwing around ideas when it’s time for sleep – sleeping will be impossible! Therefore we have put together a quick list of how to manage an overflow of ideas and thoughts…

Quick tips on how to manage an overflow of ideas and thoughts

  1. Always have a notepad and a pen next to the bed. As soon as you think about an idea you write it down. This ensures you to not forget your brilliant and life-changing idea when you wake up. To forget is often the biggest fear. We have all thought “Make sure you don’t forget this now“, which makes it even harder to sleep!
  2. Do some physical activity every day. If you know that you have problems to fall asleep, it always helps if the body is tired even if your mind might not be. Charles told me that he sometimes took long walks during the night if he found it impossible to sleep. Walking releases stress and can even become highly meditative.

A morning person ?

  1. Put an earlier alarm. This point functions in the same way as making a deadline for a decision or production as I discussed in “Strategies on decision-making“. If staying up all night causes interruptions and problems in your everyday life, you must start to take control over it. By starting the day earlier, you will consequentially be more fatigued earlier in the evening as well. If it is hard to leave the bed (which it probably will be in the beginning) and you find yourself snoozing for an hour, look into the next point:
  2. Make a commitment early in the morning. If waking up before you “really” have to is impossible to motivate, it can be helpful to have a commitment. For example, start a new routine to take a walk every morning to clear you thoughts. Or set aside 30 minutes every morning before going to work to produce or write down everything you have in mind. For example, I have made a routine to always walk to my classes to have a fresh mind and to be ready for new information.

A night-owl? 

  1. Make a commitment every evening. Every night before going to bed you take the time to produce something: text, drawing, art – anything.  As mentioned in the  article “Who is an artist” – to take the time and  go through your ideas everyday will increase your chances of finding the best ones. The timing doesn’t matter as long as you DO IT.



Elin is a 23 year-old Swedish girl who is passionate about creation in various forms. She spends her days best doing embroidery, illustration, writing or having long walks with Charles of course ;)

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