How to do embroidery: Satin and chain stitches

How to do embroidery: Satin and chain stitches

Why an embroidery tutorial? 

Have you ever searched “How to do embroidery“? If yes, you must have come across the numerous single-framed videos with sterile lights and a background voice. Those videos are great when you want to look into the details and have time for a more extensive learning session. However, as artist, we are interested in finding out how we can spread our message and skills in a more fun and appealing way. Our goal is to inspire more people – and especially those who wouldn’t think of embroidery as a medium for them – to try it out.

The techniques 

Therefore, we have put together a 5-minute video, which gives an overview of two of the basic stitches that we use on a daily basis: Satin and Chain stitch. As with everything else, there are always multiple ways by which you can perform these techniques, but this is the way we do it. Satin stitch is great when you want to cover a surface, while chain stitch is efficient for contouring. As opposed to many other versions of these techniques, we aim to minimise the thread on the backside. There are primarily two reasons for this:

  1. We believe that it is in the details and on the backside that you see the quality of a work. If you keep the back clean you have done a thoroughly good job – as opposed to if you had focused only on the visual superficiality.
  2. By putting the needle up and down just next to each other, you halve the amount of thread used, which saves on the thread-budget.

We hope you enjoy this video and feel motivated to try it out! Feel free to share it with anyone you think might like it. And as always – if you have any questions or would like to request a topic for another tutorial, leave a comment!



Elin is a 23 year-old Swedish girl who is passionate about creation in various forms. She spends her days best doing embroidery, illustration, writing or having long walks with Charles of course ;)

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