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We have created online courses to learn architectural embroidery and thread painting.

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 Pablo Picasso


All our embroidery are available for sale. 

Single edition only and signed. 

We carefully deliver your embroidery worldwide.


Fine-Art Embroidery


We offer a wide range of patterns from simple building to more complex perspectives. These patterns will have something to please you and challenge you!

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Monthly Pattern Progam

For only €10 you will receive a new pattern on the 15th of each month. 

Along with the pattern you will also receive a unique commentary video, which is only available for our pattern subscribers. 

If you are new to our program you will to receive the corresponding pattern to the month that you subscribe. Via Tipeee you can easily subscribe for as long as you wish (as unique tipper or monthly subscriber) and you will be able to opt out at any time.

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We also want to continue to provide hands-on workshops, where we engage with the communities around us and teach the power of the handmade. In the long run we also aim to create more extensive programs of creativity and well-being.

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