To embroider by hand is both relaxing and fulfilling!

We launched Le Kadre with the mission to encourage more people to create with their hands. In our increasingly stressed world of constant connectivity it’s essential to sometimes de-connect. When you embroider by hand, the process allows you to do just that: de-connect and relax. With the repetitive movements of pushing the needle up and down, your body literally relaxes stitch by stitch. Young artist couple embroider by hand

As a young artist couple, we aim to inspire all ages and genders to pick up the needle. Modern hand embroidery is no longer only a stay-at-home craft for the elder. It’s a contemporary art form that you can see applied in fashion houses such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Zara to mention a few. Furthermore, we also see an increasing attention for contemporary hand embroidery in the fine art space as well.

Furthermore, modern hand work isn’t just meditative, but also highly mobile. Thus, you don’t need an empty desk and several hours to make advancements. Instead, it’s enough with some threads, a piece of fabric and a needle to get stitching. Bring your work in progress with you on your commute or to your next social gathering. When we first began to stitch with friends the interest spread like wildfire. To create alone is relaxing, but to create together is a pure joy! Shared creativity often turn into an explosion of ideas, creative stimulation and fulfilment.

But how to best inspire someone to pick up a needle and thread?

Authentic contemporary hand embroidery designs became the answer.

If we didn’t have an illustrative background, we dare to say that we might not have fallen in love with the embroidery medium. Thanks to our drawings, we were able to transform our own sketches into modern embroidery patterns. We shared our journey on Instagram (@petronella.art and @_charleshenry_), which made us discover the need for fresh and contemporary hand embroidery patterns.

If you don’t feel inspired by the designs you have available, there is a very limited chance that you will finalise the project. In fact, if you don’t like the embroidery pattern you will most likely not continue hand embroidery at all! This is why we make it our greatest priority to continuously create inspiring modern embroidery patterns to keep your hands stitching. We take most of our inspiration from our beautiful surroundings.

When we first began to stitch architectural and street scene embroidery designs, we realised how it added benefits to the process. Not only did we enjoy the relaxing aspect to embroider by hand, but we also got to connect with the location we stitched on a deeper level. You begin to ask yourself questions like: Who has walked down this road? Who lived in this building hundreds of years ago? What has these walls seen and heard? And the list goes on…

Do you feel your hands itching for stitching now?

Fantastic! You are in the right place. Here on Le Kadre we have a great selection of contemporary embroidery patterns. Upon purchase of any of our patterns, you will receive downloadable pdfs with the design, stitch and colour guides. If you’re completely new to embroidery you may also want to have a look at our free video stitch-library. You can easily sign up for free and have access to the close-up process videos of all our most used techniques for as long as you wish.

If you have any questions at any point in the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at elin@charlesandelin.com or charles@charlesandelin.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If you’re following us on Instagram we recommend you to contact us over email as opposed to via DMs in the app. Unfortunately it gets slightly overwhelming with the DM inbox, thus we’ve made it a point to prioritise email.

Let’s get stitching! You can click on the image below to browse for your next inspiring embroidery pattern.

Embroidery patterns by Le Kadre