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Embroidery artists behind Le Kadre

Charles and Elin are a married artist couple who fell in love with the endless possibilities with modern hand embroidery. Suddenly they were able to recreate their illustrations in a tactile medium. It brought life, depth and texture to their sketches in a way that was absolutely captivating. 

They began to share their process on Instagram as @petronella.art and @_charleshenry_ in the fall of 2016.

After that their work quickly gained international attention and they’ve since taught their modern approach to hand embroidery to 1000+ students through their unique patterns and online courses.

With inspiration from around the world, they create one of a kind embroidery patterns. They believe that everyone can embroider any design. The most important is to choose a pattern that you find inspiring and beautiful, not the one you think will be the easiest. To stitch and see beautiful results, will give you more envy to continue to create, which is the key for both body and soul!

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  • I have always hated satin stitch until I saw your wonderful and quick tip! In the past when I would work the satin stitch I would get this big contracted lump where the fabric pulled, ugh. Now the fabric lays flat and it looks very neat and I am not frustrated, instead I am happy with the way it looks. The added bonus is saving precious embroidery floss in the process. Thank you so much for thinking outside of the box and sharing your knowledge, tips, and tricks to make embroidery fun, including the dreaded (for me) satin stitch

    Debra BridgesUSA
  • Artsy is the new sexy, and embroidery is for sure a great form. I’ve always loved passionate people, and this couple are surely one of a kind. Impeccable creativity & inspiring work, they’re also good at being pedagogic in teaching you patiently and attentively. If you want to pick up a new hobby that is cool and enriching, you should definitely do their courses, and become mindful and connected with your environment and yourself!

    Katherine Chan
    Katherine ChanHong Kong
  • I never thought I could like an activity like embroidery until I found Charles and Elin on Instagram. What they were doing was so amazing and so different from what I had seen before that I decided to try their courses and I can’t tell you how glad I am. I’ve discovered a new hobby with the best teachers I could have asked for. The close-up videos and step by step process really made it perfect for me!

    Loli Minguillion
    Loli MinguillionParis, France
Charles and Elin Academy - Embroidery Courses

Do you want to learn hand embroidery more in depth?

We’ve got you covered! Our Online Courses in embroidery gives you thorough understanding of our modern approach to the ancient art form of needlework. Online courses are the ideal complement to your stitchery journey.

Just like embroidery is a portable medium, so are courses online!

Try a new style with Architectural hand embroidery designs, learn how to upcycle your clothes with stitching or take the next step and create your own designs.

Regardless of where you are on your embroidery journey we want to be the inspiring and motivating support that we wish we had.